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Did you know that having a Wedding website for your guests to RSVP is growing increasingly popular?

Have you thought about when you send your RSVP’s by post that your not receiving back the RSVP’s that your guests have confirmed that they have sent back?

Also what about the need to manually keep a list of who has responded and who hasn’t?

Another thought……. What about on the day if you would like to give guests a clear place to obtain all the information they require which can be viewed on a smartphone?

Look no further, Cramer Events has designed a whole new concept for you to achieve all of the above by providing you with a wedding website with will fit into your overall plans and take the stress away…

Our wedding websites provides you with all the technology you require to be able to provide details of an Engagement Party, Save The Date, Details of the wedding with a Gift Registry, after the wedding a place to upload your photo’s and the best thing is to keep the site online it will only cost you £99 per year.

This sounds too good a deal to be true right?

Well the simple answer is yes it is, but we are not compromising quality over quantity and we know how much weddings can cost.

If you are using any of our wedding package services the benefit is that the cost for the first 2 years is free to you and after this period the above mentioned fee is applicable each year as long as you want the site live.

For clients who would just like to have a wedding website from us this is £99 for you as well and follows the same parameters as above.

With the site you will get a free email address and access to the back-end of your site where you can review the RSVP’s and export to excel to get your total numbers (Perfect for getting the list to the caterers on time).

If you would like to ensure regarding a wedding website please contact us by the contact us section at the top of this page or alternative please email us at info@cramerevents.co.uk.