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Our unique collection of Selfie Mirrors is simply the best you will find.

Our Selfie Mirrors features large animated screens and we use the latest DLSR technology to ensure we can capture the very best memories.

The fully animated Selfie Mirrors not only takes full length photos and prints them out instantly, but also gives you a fun & impressive gesture with every pose.

Our Selfie booths features the very latest technology including our unique LED Ring to ensure guests look at the camera and after each shoot will respond by speaking to you.

On the odd occasion the Selfie Mirror may even state a cheeky message to you.
Once you’ve posed for your selfie, our Selfie Mirrors allows your guests to directly write a message on the Mirror or place an emoji onto the screen that will be printed straight onto your photo.
Cramer Events Magnificence Mirror

Within the South East and London we are the leaders with our digital photo technology.

We stock the largest range of products to cater for all experiences.

Majestic Selfie Mirror Cramer Events
Cramer Events NHS Brand Activation
Cramer Events Ltd Kapture Selfie Booth
Cramer Events Magnificence Mirror LEDFloral Frame and LED Red Carpet

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